This 4 PLAYERS ONLY and 2 days clinic

is being held on the outskirt of Winnipeg, Canada

In collaboration with 


Head Coach

Pierre Ludovic Duclos

Assistant Coach

Barry Bruce

Within this state of the art/ high technology indoor tennis center, participants will be taught advanced technical skills that are not disclosed and seen by the regular club pro’s eyes. This approach to little details is required to bring one’s game to the next level.

"Unlike most tennis professionals do today, I won’t be standing on one side of the net feeding you balls"

By setting the automated ball feeding machine on autopilot on one side,it will allow me to stand right next to each participant and concentrate all my efforts on the technical aspect of the strokes. In order to do so, we will break down every strokes into smaller chunks and meticulously analyse each little segments of the motion until contact point as well as the proper footwork that comes along. We will also put a big emphasis on the 2 most important(and most neglected) strokes in the game: Serve and Return of Serve. I will teach you how to get rid of the so-called “waiter’s serve” bad habit and how to master a key and very challenging move called the pronation. With the help of the Ace Attack ball machine, participants will be taught how to receive a different variety of return of serves(kick,slice,flat).

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